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Supporting Charities with a Business Interest

If you own a business or business interest, you can enjoy great benefits by donating a percentage of that business or interest as a charitable gift. In addition to a sizeable tax deduction for you, future taxes on the portion of the business in the Faithful Journey Foundation’s care may also be reduced, freeing up more funds for you to give. In the eventuality that the business is sold, the Faithful Journey Foundation is likely to enjoy reduced taxes and contribute more to your DAF—reserving even more money for your grantmaking purposes.  

Why donate business interests?

  • Preserve the current fair market value of your business interest for greater giving power later.
  • As a non-cash asset, gifts of business interest may be eligible for deductions as high as 30% AGI.
  • Strengthen grantmaking ability through efficient use of reduced taxes on future income while the business interest is in the Faithful Journey Foundation’s.
  • Minimize or eliminate capital gains taxes potentially incurred through a future sale to increase charitable giving power.