where your treasure is

Doing Good for Your Community and God’s World

Our commitment to biblical responsibility is the core of who we are and a primary distinctive that sets us apart from similar foundations. 

Starting from the most basic understanding that all resources belong to the Lord, we redefine the perception of spending, saving, and giving “our money” into the transformed view that we are simply managing that money for the Lord. Our creativity to build unexpected solutions and our commitment to honoring the Lord in our business practices, relationships, and growth trajectory are the hallmarks of the Faithful Journey Foundation’s commitment to biblical responsibility.

Stewarding Money Well

Aligned with Christian Values

Our commitment to biblically responsible solutions extends to our stewardship of the dollars within our Donor Advised Funds and other vehicles. To utilize a mix of investments that are screened using a biblically responsible process, the Faithful Journey Foundation uses some of the top BRI funds and managers in the country to steward our donor assets.

Biblical responsibility in investments means more than screening out “bad” portfolio options. In fact, some investments can actually impact companies that are doing good in the world. Their success means biblically responsible investors are contributing to a global movement of positive change, defined by companies where good is growing and where our shared values are embraced. 

Biblically responsible screens exclude companies that endorse or profit from industries not aligned with Christian values, including:

  • Abortion
  • Pornography
  • Alcohol or tobacco
  • Gambling
  • Lifestyles that attack the sanctity of marriage
  • Entertainment that promotes violence and sexuality
  • Human rights violations, including Christian persecution, labor violations, and terrorism