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Supporting Charities Even When Exiting a Business

If you own a business or business interest, the Faithful Journey Foundation encourages you to consider your long-term plans in relation to your giving strategy. Secure a charitable tax deduction now by donating a business interest to the Faithful Journey Foundation, and eventually, when the gifted interest is sold at fair market value, the proceeds will go directly into your DAF—giving you more grantmaking opportunities for the causes you love.

Why give business interests?
  • Save on taxes by donating a business interest now (instead of transferring or selling it, which may be taxable).
  • Children or employees can still purchase the donated business interest for fair market value at a later date, with the proceeds going directly into your DAF through the Faithful Journey Foundation.
  • Free up more money for charitable giving by minimizing capital gains taxes on the donated business interest.
  • As a non-cash asset, gifts of business interest may be eligible for deductions as high as 30% AGI.
  • Save money by immediately mitigating income taxes with a greater deduction.