For Professional Advisors

A Heart for Generosity

As a financial advisor, you have clients with a heart for generosity. Some of them are savvy planners and others are just getting started. If you are looking for a partner to help redefine generosity through creative giving tools, the Faithful Journey Foundation can be your partner. Our team shares your values and is equipped with the knowledge to receive complex gifts that many others cannot.

a well-designed approach to charitable giving

Maximize Giving | Minimize Taxes

Even the most financially savvy clients don’t always have a well-designed approach to charitable giving. Some may not understand the benefits of utilizing a donor advised fund, whereas others are unaware of how maximized giving can minimize taxes, while also creating more for their heirs.

Your Opportunity

How Faithful Journey Foundation Benefits Advisors

This is a powerful opportunity for advisors to become experts on charitable giving and learn how to best guide their clients who seek to support causes that are important to them. The desire to donate to charity is a high priority for many clients. It’s important for clients to see that their advisors are equally as passionate about their financial goals. 


Forge new relationships with prospective clients who are passionate about maximizing their generosity.


Increase the breadth of your professional expertise, especially as charitable giving continues to increase.


Maximize your clients’ generosity, thus maximizing their giving impact and your impact as their valued partner.

Retain A.U.M.

Retain assets under management by choosing a partner that fits your needs as a financial professional.

Your Partner

A Stewardship-Centered Approach

Faithful Journey Foundation is here to partner with you, as you guide your clients towards a stewardship-centered approach to their finances. Our solutions can be an inspiring and practical approach for your clients and for you as you support their ambitions to give generously to Christian charities.
As we seek to redefine the ways in which Christians give, we hope to also become a resource for you.

A multi-disciplinary team

Your Partner for Complex Financial Donations

Our creative and experienced legacy planners are equipped with fresh ideas and strategies to manage giving and receiving complex financial donations. When it comes to complex tax planning and the unique needs of a fiduciary for estate strategies, our multi-disciplinary team can establish the best parameters to make their legacy dream a reality for their family, church, and charity.

Donor Advised Fund

With the passage of the SECURE Act, the “stretch” IRA is no longer available for your clients' heirs. For clients hoping to leave a legacy of giving and reduce death taxes, naming a Donor Advised Fund as a beneficiary of their IRA is a great option. This strategy will not only eliminate all the potential taxes due upon the disbursement of your client's IRA assets, but it will create a tax-free donation pool that can influence future generations by bringing them together to determine which charities to bless.

Charitable Remainder Trust

A charitable remainder trust is a “split interest” giving vehicle that allows your clients to receive an income for life, support charity at their passing, and gain tax benefits today. Contributions to the trust are eligible for a partial tax deduction and escape up-front taxes on gains upon sale within the trust.

Non-Cash Gift

By donating long-term, appreciated assets such as stocks, real estate, and business interests before a sale, your clients can reduce taxes on the portion you keep and make an even bigger charitable impact.