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Strengthening Giving with Non-Cash Contributions

When a cash gift simply isn’t the best option, you can still effectively support your desired charities with non-cash contributions. Rather than selling your appreciated non-cash assets and realizing taxable gains, you can eliminate capital gains taxes by donating those assets—leaving more for the charities you love. As those assets continue to appreciate within your DAF, you can still make recommendations for how you would like the Faithful Journey Foundation to allocate your funds.

Why give non-cash assets?

  • Tax advantages – The potential tax deduction applies directly to the gift’s fair market value.
  • More for charity – By paying less taxes, more funds go directly to the causes you love.
  • Strategic giving – Contributing appreciated non-cash assets through the Faithful Journey Foundation enables you to maximize your assets’ strength far beyond their initial value.

Eligible non-cash assets:

  • Appreciated securities (including stocks, bonds, and mutual funds)
  • Business shares
  • Real estate
  • Other (including loans, estate gifts, designations, and more)